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  • 1 bottle Procecco Sparkling Wine La Marca 187ML Bottle
  • 2 tbsp Guava Marmalade PG TROPICALS


  1. Grab yourself a fancy Champagne flute or what the heck! Grab a red solo cup if you want ! Pour your Procecco in the desired glass/cup.

  2. Add your (Delicious) Guava Marmalade 

  3. Stir until the Guava Marmalade is well mixed with the Procecco 

  4. Cheers! Make a toast to all things good and don't forget to turn up the volume while playing "La vida es un carnaval"  by: Celia Cruz! 

Recipe Notes

Utensils Used:

1. Stirrer
2. Glass or Red Solo cup
3. Radio/Cellphone/Whatever you like to use to play music :)