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    Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Happy Halloween My Lovely Gobblin! Hope you and yours are celebrating with lots of treats and not tricks. This year I’ve opted out of dressing up and going out. I’ll be at home, enjoying a nice cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte and watching scary movies/tv series. Actually, now that we’re on the scary movie/tv series topic, you MUST watch ” The Haunting of Hill House”!! I just finished season 1 and OMG, I even have to leave the lights on (lol). I promise that you won’t regret watching that tv series on Netflix. It is the best scary thing I’ve watched in years. So, if you’re looking to relax on this…

  • Recipes

    Autumn Oatmeal

    Hola My Darling! Today I have prepared a Autumn Oatmeal that will rock your cozy socks off! Once this Oatmeal starts cooking, your whole house will smell like Fall. I decided to create this dish because Oatmeal is filling, delicious, healthy and very versatile. There’s simply nothing like a warm bowl of hearty oatmeal to satisfy and help you start your day. You will be able to modify this recipe to your liking and still not take away from its deliciousness so as long as you keep the spices in tact. Remember, it is “Autumn Oatmeal” after all lol 🙂 ! I hope you’ve been enjoying my Fall Series, there…


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