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    Guava Chia Pudding

    Hola My Darlings!   I’ve taken a traditional vegan recipe and added a little Cuban flavor into the mix. Because who says Cubans can’t be Vegan, am I right? Anywho, I’m not vegan but I enjoy this recipe and I’m sure you will too! For those of you that are not familiar with chia seeds, they are full of health benefits 🙂 ! So, having a tasty breakfast/snack doesn’t have to make you feel guilty. Hope you enjoy my Chia Pudding twist 🙂 !! Ps: Try my Guava and Cream Cheese Empanadas XO- Guavette 5 from 1 vote Print Guava Chia Pudding Course Breakfast Cuisine Cuban Prep Time 3 minutes Author…

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    Guava Mimosa

    Hi There My Lovely People! This recipe goes out to all of my tropical, guava-loving, adventurous souls that like to enjoy fun drinks & good times. This is probably the easiest recipe you will ever see posted on Guavette.com but, it’s being posted to give people ideas and encourage them to explore different flavors. Note: Play “La vida es un carnaval” by: Celia Cruz while making this drink! Trust me, it’ll set the “pachanga” vibes. XO – Guavette Print GUAVA MIMOSA Ingredients 1 bottle Procecco Sparkling Wine La Marca 187ML Bottle 2 tbsp Guava Marmalade PG TROPICALS Instructions Grab yourself a fancy Champagne flute or what the heck! Grab a…

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    “Elena Ruz” Turkey Sandwich Recipe

    Greetings Everyone 🙂 !   To give you some background, the “Elena Ruz” Sandwich started in a restaurant called “El Carmelo” located in El Vedado, Havana, Cuba. It all began when a patron of “El Carmelo” named Elena Ruz Valdez-Fauli decided that she was tired of repetitously giving the odd and specific instructions on how to make her favorite sandwich. Elena then decided that she would speak to management and have her special concoction added to their menu permanently. And so, this delicious sandwich became a Cuban staple. The original sandwich consisted of bread, cream cheese, and strawberry jam but, I’ve decided to change this sandwich up a little to my…

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    How to make a Cuban Cortadito

    Coffee Lovers Rejoice! Today I’m sharing the recipe to my drug ::ahem ahem:: I mean, the Cuban Coffee drink I’ve been having since I had a Baby bottle! The Cuban version of an Espresso Macchiato. Trust me when I tell you that you’re going to be hooked & Yes, It’s going to give you enough energy for you to endure your week. 3 from 1 vote Print How to make a Cuban Cortadito Course Drinks Prep Time 2 minutes Cook Time 4 minutes Total Time 6 minutes Author guavette Ingredients Ground Espresso Coffee Cafe La Llave Refined Sugar Domino Water To your liking Evaporated milk To your liking Instructions Put…

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    Abuelita’s Chicken Fricassee (Grandma’s Fricase de Pollo)

    Hola My Friends! I was thinking back on my childhood and how much I worshipped my grandmother’s cooking. As soon as I would get home from school I’d head straight for her kitchen. Of course, I was a chubby little girl eager to be her taste tester. My grandmother would spend hours working her magic in what I always believed was her favorite room in her house. Honestly, till this day I have not found Cuban food as good as hers. I wish I had her longer so that she could teach me her ways. Although she is not with us today, I honor her memory with my love for…


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