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Hola my Friends!

Are you ready for Fall Vibes? I’m so excited that Autumn is right around the corner, September 22nd to be precise. It’s time to start putting away all things summer and time to start welcoming Fall!! Since I live in Miami, FL, one of my favorite ways to create that Autumn feel is to create a “Fall” playlist that gets me in the mood, even when I’m surrounded by sunny skies, palm trees, and heat! This Spotify playlist is filled with all of the emotions that I feel Autumn represents such as:  melancholy, tranquility, assertiveness, passion and strength. Autumn is like the snake that sheds its skin to start anew or the last goodbye of something beautiful.


It’s time to get ready for this new season with some good transitional music, my friends. I curated this Fall playlist just for YOU! Please enjoy and let me know if this playlist stirs up those emotions I mentioned, took you back to a moment, or makes you feel the transition to Autumnal vibes. If you enjoyed the glimpse of my playlist below, follow me on Spotify by clicking on the playlist and signing up!


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