EPCOT International Festival of the Arts 2017

Hola Mis Amigos !

Last year (2017), EPCOT had their first ever International Festival of the Arts (Dates range from Early January- Mid February). I read my Disney annual pass holders email about this New Festival and I thought to myself “Wowzers! This was like Food and Wine and an Art festival had a baby!!”.  I convinced my Disney loving Husband to go and boy were we in for a treat! Not only was the weather amazing (Thank you Floridian Winter) but, there were hardly any crowds. Imagine this, cool weather, sunny skies, hardly any crowds, and kids are in school! This means that the lines for food and art purchases were short as well as the lines to wait for the rides!! Obviously, the first thing I did was scope out the menus from my favorite Go-To Disney blogs called Disdining.com & Disneyfoodblog.com ! I got to see everything on every menu that each POP-UP had to offer and I made a list of the food and drinks that I wanted to try. Lets just say I ate LOTS of delicious bites ! Check out some of the cool things I saw & and consumed last year (below). So, ever since I discovered this AWESOME festival at EPCOT, I vowed that I would go every year!

Xoxo – Guavette

PS: Stay tuned for my next blog post on 2018’s International Festival of the Arts at EPCOT!!