Ella Cafe (Plantation)

Greetings My Lovely Subscribers 🙂 !

Growing up in a Cuban household means that I am a HUGE coffee drinker. Since coffee runs in my blood, I love to explore coffee shops whenever my 8-5 job allows. I found this cute coffee shop while in the area a few months back (I go to TATES Comics at least once a month) and vowed that I’d venture off north (since I live in Miami) again and make it a days worth adventure. When I arrived to ELLA CAFE with my husband the place was FULL of customers & clearly that is a good sign. Some people were chatting with the company sitting at their table and others typing away on their laptops as they sipped on their lattes intently. Nonetheless, all were enjoying their ordered menu items.

I immediately noticed the adorable and inviting decor. There were chalkboards with colorful designs and a very “country french” ambience, which I loved. As I stood in line, I requested a menu. I was advised by one of the Baristas that they do not have permanent menus and that they have only a “Daily” menu. I found it pretty cool since having something different everyday is definitely up my alley (I dislike routine).

My husband and I proceeded to order and I went with the rose latte and he ordered the blueberry crumble pie latte. Of course, we didn’t just go for coffee (Insert Kirby eating everything here lol), we also had a cinnamon bun. We paid the cashier and they gave us a number. As we waited, we found a nook that looked like someone’s living room with a “fireplace”, cushioned arm chairs and all! It was the coolest thing I had ever seen in a coffee shop. My husband and I looked at each other and we were like “Yup, we’re sitting here” (we’re geeks what do you expect lol) !

When our lattes and cinnamon bun were brought to us I was super excited because everything looked DELICIOUS! I must say that I was very pleased with our lattes and bun. The lattes were hot, flavorful, and made exactly as they should. They both had the perfect balance of espresso, milk, and sugar. Oh and they came with a complimentary heart shaped cookie. Now, the show stopper was that cinnamon bun! My goodness! It was thick, heavy, flaky, and full of sugar & spice. I loved how they brought the icing on the side so that we could slather as much or as little as we liked. I have to say that I scraped the icing out of that little glass and covered my cinnamon bun from head to toe (LOL).

Overall, ELLA CAFE delivered great ambience, service, food and drinks! I will definitely be going back! I hope you go check them out too. You won’t regret it 🙂 !

ELLA CAFE is Guavette Approved: 5 out of 5 !

XO- Guavette


Website for your guidance: https://www.ellacafeplantation.com