Dear Reader,

As a child growing up, I was surrounded by so many people that loved to cook. I don’t know whether it’s in my blood or if they impacted me so profoundly but, I do know that food is one of my passions. Watching my grandmother and father in the kitchen was awesome! Having the family gather at the table and laughing our hearts away was precious. Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) parties featuring a roasted pig in the “Caja China” & playing dominoes are moments that I will never forget. I laugh while remembering my mom’s reaction while catching me experimenting with food in the kitchen trying to come up with recipes at an early age.

All of these precious memories have been created by the connection through our love for food & for eachother. I want to share recipes, give you advice on great restaurants, and share the meaning behind the foods I eat. Food is not just something that we ingest but rather a thing of substance that connects to a story we all have. Food helps you time travel, escape, indulge, nourish, experiment, and connect with others.

“Guavette” started as an Instagram page (@Guavette). My Instagram page was started because I wanted all of you to see the great dishes and treats that exist. I want for you to connect with me through our common love, knowledge, and curiosity for food. Because food much like music is a universal language. A language which we ALL speak.

As time progressed, I realized that my Instagram wouldn’t suffice. Yearning for more, I wanted to connect & serve as an educator & advisor to the readers/viewers of Guavette. Soon after this realization, I set up my own website of which I am very proud of. Here I showcase recipes, restaurant reviews, travels & adventures, my geeky side, and a glimpse of my life behind the scenes. It’s been such a rewarding experience to set up this blog. It has taught me so much about my abilities, my strengths & weakness, and ultimately that nothing comes free.

Guavette has been challenging but, I will continue to work hard and hopefully it will continue to grow. Despite having a full-time job,  working solo on my blog, putting in countless effort, and time. I do it for the response I receive from what I share. The feelings of joy when eating something so delicious or different that words wouldn’t begin to explain. The way it takes you to a certain moment or place in time. I do it for the stories you tell me about when you see my recipes. Ultimately, I do it for the way it connects us all. I do it for YOU!

Thank you for reading and I hope that you continue to follow “Guavette’s” journey and connect with me.

God bless

XO- Guavette