Hi, My name is Yvette and I am the master mind and creative genius behind GUAVETTE. You’re probably asking yourself what in the world is “GUAVETTE”!? Guavette is my Blog name that originated from Yvette (my name) and from my obsession for ALL things GUAVA !!!

I’ve always been inclined to all things related to creativity, art, people and FOOD ! Since an early age, I’ve had SPICE in my soul! You know what I mean..that special funk and charm that no one could ever or will ever shake out of you? That special something that makes YOU unforgettable (Insert Frank Sinatra song here LOL)! Kind of like when you add a sprinkle of “SAZON” mix in your food and you know this just made your dish memorable! BAM! That’s it! That’s what I have within; a whole lot of SPICE and I’m ready to share it all with you.

Growing up in a Cuban household, I always saw my Grandmother (May She Rest in Peace) cooking an amazing dish! There were always people at her house. Everyone full of nostalgia as they ate; kind of like the food would suddenly transport them to their Motherland (CUBA). It was a beautiful thing to watch so many people sharing the love of friendship, family, food, and life! All of these moments spent watching this daily ritual molded a piece of me; a piece of me that I want to share with ALL of you.

I hope that you enjoy my BLOG and get a taste of the SPICE in my writing, food reviews, recipes, adventures, and cool things I enjoy so that you can share my SPICE with others !


Yvette Aguilera